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Noun - The belief that self is all that exists; Self-absorbtion to the point of ignoring the needs of others. 

hello there, i was wondering if there's such a word that describes the happiness you feel whenever you listen to music which makes you close your eyes and raise your hands and dance/sway a little with the music?

I think of the word “euphoria” but I’m guessing you want something more specific to audio. I got nothing. Anybody have a word for this?


Noun - A diverse or miscellaneous group.


Noun - Dead flesh; carcasses.


Noun - A gambling device based on the card game poker. A virtual poker game.


Noun - A prearranged meeting or assignation, now especially between lovers to meet at a specific place and time.


Adj - Of a light brown to brownish orange colour


Adj - imposing or constituting a physical, mental, or figurative load which can be borne only with effort.

College is an onerous task just due to the amount of books you have to carry.


Noun - An obstacle or obstruction.